Information & Computer Technologies Industry Association (APKIT)

The dynamic advances of Russia’s information technologies industry demanded the establishment of an organization that would act as advocate for the industry’s interests. In the fall of 2001, leading IT-companies agreed to establish a non-profit Information & Computer Technologies Industry Association (APKIT).

In terms of its membership, APKIT is the most representative noncommercial association in the Russian IT Industry. Association members have earned acclaim as leading Russian and international businesses, distributors, system integrators, vendors and developers. By many accounts, APKIT members control up to 70% of the official market.

Members of APKIT are the largest domestic (1C, ABBYY, CROC, Borlas, Consultant Plus, Kaspersky Lab, Merlion, NKK, Yandex, IBS, etc.) and Transnational (Apple, Fujitsu, IBM, Panasonic, Siemens, Google, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, etc.) companies in the field of software development, distribution, system integration, services, computers and equipment production, as well as niche associations: Association of Information Protection, Association of Software Products Suppliers, Association Domestic Software, Software Developers, Association Trusted Platform, IT Cluster of Siberia, Electronic Equipment Manufacturers and Traders Association of Kaliningrad Region "Corporation General Satellite."

APKIT represents Russia in the world alliance of the national IT associations WITSA, cooperates with legislative (State Duma and Federation Council) and executive power of the Russian Federation, including: Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Internal Affairs, FTS, FSB, FSTEC, FCS. In the National Council for Professional Qualifications under the President of the Russian Federation, the APKIT Association (as SPK-IT) is responsible for IT industry system of professional qualifications.

Representatives of APKIT are part of the expert structures of Digital Economy of the Russian Federation and the mechanism "Regulatory guillotine". Uniting the industry elite, APKIT forms a system of values, improves mechanisms of interaction within the industry and works to build an open, civilized market as a safeguard of IT business stability.

Goals and Objectives

  • The Association concentrates efforts of individual companies into consolidated industry opinion through negotiations with public authorities.
  • The Association defends IT industry interests and favors the expansion of the market.
  • This is a collaborative effort with the government authorities and a mechanism for interaction within the IT industry. It`s a coordinated action aimed to expand and develop IT market.

Charter of the Association gives a more accurate picture of these objectives:

  • To protect and represent interests of Association IT members;
  • To advocate with representative and executive branches of the Russian Federation`s issues on legal, economic and social policy development in line with professional interests of the Association members and to promote its implementation;
  • To act against monopoly and unfair competition in IT;
  • To assist IT companies` development and to build civilized market relations in Russia;
  • To assist in creating favorable financial and economic conditions for members of the Association;
  • To represent the interests of the Association members in International Organizations;
  • To coordinate entrepreneurial activity of its members, to represent and protect their common property interests.

Association`s top priorities

  • Public and private sector interaction;
  • Standards and certification;
  • IT education; training;
  • Customs regulations;
  • International activities and investments;
  • Protection of intellectual property;
  • IT advocacy issues;
  • Interaction within the industry.

Established committees:

  • Copyright; Intellectual property protection; Chairman – Dmitry Sokolov (NP PPP)
  • Education issues and training in IT; Chairman – Boris Nuraliev (1С)
  • Legislation; Chairman – Dmitry Novikov (Consultunt Plus)
  • Software development and export; Chairman – Valentin Makarov (Russoft)
  • Regional policy; Chairman – Alexander Timofeechev (Siberian IT Cluster);
  • IT-market development analyses; Chairman – Kirill Korniliev (IBM)
  • Information safety; Chairman – Dmitri Kuvshinnikov (BCG)
  • HR-Club; Chairman – Alexander Abramkin (Staffwell), Vera Solomatina (SAP CIS)
  • National council on IT professional qualifications under the President of the Russian Federation (SPK-IT); Chairman – Boris Nuraliev (1С), Nikolay Komlev (APKIT)
  • Commission on Import; Distribution; Chairman – Marina Nikitina (APKIT)

There are also working groups, functioning for the solution of wide range of questions.

For further information, please, contact us in Moscow:
p.o. box 626 101000 Russia Moscow
phones +7 (495) 739-8928
e-mail: info@apkit.ru